Linda Lariar Webb Varian


Artist Statement

I’m not a writer. Oh, maybe I’ve produced a pretty good poem once in a while. What I know is that I’ve always wanted to put what I see and feel down in lines and colors. Why do I paint? I don’t know, I just do. If anything, words get in the way of what I see and want to represent. Eckhart Tolle says to try not naming things. So what if you look at a tree and try to see it without naming it? It becomes this shape/color/negative space/positive space. All of the sudden something shifts, and I’m looking at this whatever and it has different colors, and different textures. Now I paint that whatever.

I paint because when I do it I’m focused, one pointed…content. I just want to look at it and feel like I got what I see and feel down on paper or canvas. It makes me happy.